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Edmonds Import Auto Auto Repair Shop

Edmonds Import Auto began as a European import specialty shop in 2008. Palmer area drivers grew to trust us with their exceptional vehicles based on our exceptional services, and we continue to be equipped with the necessary tools to perform expert auto repairs for your import. Today, we also service Asian imports, and we plan to keep building upon our European and Asian import services.

What you may not know is that our skill and auto repair experience can be trusted for all general repairs, so don’t hesitate to call us if you need a knowledgeable, honest mechanic for any reason. Maybe you’re tired of the dealership or the franchise service centers. Many of our customers were, and came to us and stayed with us. Our automotive talents also include Volkswagen TDI diesel repairs.

Mechanics Who Help You Get the Most from Your Vehicle

At Edmonds Import Auto, our team is always excited about providing quality maintenance services for our customers because maintenance is what makes cars reach their full potential. We’ll also keep your budget concerns in mind by making our services affordable. Please bring any questions or concerns you have about your vehicle to us, and we’ll answer honestly with you and your vehicle’s best interests at heart.

Meet Our Auto Repair Team

Adam Prevatte, Auto Technician VW/Audi/TDI Specialist

Tobi Klunder


Born: Palmer, AK

Drives: Volkswagen Tiguan

Hobbies: Camping, welding, traveling, and reading

Automotive Industry Experience: 6 years automotive parts, 8 years service advising and management, 4 years shop owner, ASE Certified Service Consultant, Master of Shop Management

Career Goal: To use the success and presence as a local business to give back to our community. To work with other likeminded individuals to further the value of the automotive repair industry on a local and national scale. She would also like to provide guidance and encouragement to young people pursuing a career in automotive repair through schools and organizations.

Interesting Tidbit: Her hair is not actually blue!

Adam Prevatte, Auto Technician VW/Audi/TDI Specialist

Adam Prevatte

Auto Technician VW/Audi/TDI Specialist

Born: Spokane, WA

Drives: 2000 A4 1.8T Quattro

Hobbies: Cars, stereos, Legos (he has kids), models (the hobby kind), hiking, the list goes on and on and on…

Automotive Industry Experience: 10 years

Career Goal: To become one of the best automotive technicians in the industry

Interesting Tidbit: LOVES Volkswagens and so do his kids!

Kevin Edmonds, Owner/Shop Foreman

Kevin Edmonds


Born: Lewiston, MT

Drives: A lot of different things and (almost) all of them have wheels

Hobbies: Guns and ammo, camping, hunting, riding ATVs, fishing, oh and he works on cars every now and then

Automotive Industry Experience: Since 1983 (he was born in 1981)

Career Goal: To complete as many project cars as possible

Interesting Tidbit: If you cut him, Kevin bleeds engine oil. Swear – we saw it one time.

Shane Neuman, Automotive Technician GM/Ford/Dodge Diesel Specialist

Shane Neuman

Automotive Technician GM/Ford/Dodge Diesel Specialist

Born: Phoenix, AZ

Drives: Subaru and Ford Excursion

Hobbies: Fishing, hunting, and his wife (she’s reading this website)

Automotive Industry Experience: 25 years

Career Goal: To satisfy all that he serves

Interesting Tidbit: Shane is hardheaded, stubborn, yet satisfying (interesting, but not all that surprising).

Rob McDougald, Automotive Technician Mercedes/BMW/Audi Specialist

Rob McDougald

Automotive Technician Mercedes / BMW / Audi Specialist / Shop Foreman

Born: San Jose, CA

Drives: 2000 Audi S4

Hobbies: Fishing, hunting, snowmachining, skydiving, Triathlons, Iron Man

Automotive Industry Experience: Over 25 years

Career Goal: To be fluent in all vehicle makes and models

Interesting Tidbit: He has seven dogs and two cats.


Josh (Hutch) Hutcheson

QuickLube Specialist / Shuttle Driver

Born: Danville, IN

Drives: 1999 Ford F-250 Super Duty

Hobbies: Welding, rebuilding trucks, reading, hiking, and wearing hats.

Automotive Industry Experience: Underneath the shades of Alaskan trees, classes through the school district.

Career Goal: To join the Local 302 Union and to be a playboy millionaire to afford all the Ford trucks he wants (not to mention the repairs that will be needed).

Interesting Tidbit: He wears lots of hats (see Hobbies) and can play the guitar fluently.


Neville Wetherhorn

Parts Manager

Born: Palmer, AK (he didn’t get very far)

Drives: His boss crazy.

Hobbies: Fishing, 4-wheeling, boating, dirt bikes, playing with his son, and fiddling with Mopars.

Automotive Industry Experience: Certified automotive service consultant, repairs and maintenance on personal vehicles.

Career Goal: To be able to retire.

Interesting Tidbit: He swears that there is nothing exciting or interesting about him, but we suspect he is lying.



Born: Shaktoolik, AK

Drives: Nothing. I’m a dog.

Hobbies: Wagging my tail, eating, and sleeping.

Automotive Industry Experience: My entire life.

Career Goal: To meet a real life Hawaiian.

Interesting Tidbit: Despite being a dog, I would really prefer to be woman’s best friend.


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